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Attendance Policy
by Katrina Franklin - Monday, 5 May 2014, 02:25 PM
Attendance Policies


Asynchronous attendance is recorded each time that you log into the Moodle platform (time and dates are recorded). An attendance log will be e-mailed to the distance learning office by the professor during the first (2) two weeks of classes.

The academic week is Monday-Sunday by midnight (Eastern Time). To receive full credit for attending your asynchronous class, you must attend weekly AND (1) one of the following items must be completed during the first week as directed by the instructor:

1. Submit an academic assignment.
2. Submit a quiz or exam.
3. Participate in a posted online academic discussion.


a) Logging into class without active participation does not constitute weekly attendance

b) Participation must be in the moodle platform. Work done via e-mail, fax, or postal mail will not count towards attendance.

c) The online course environment weeks run from Monday at 12:00am EST to Sunday at 11:59pm EST.

d) Assignments done in a week other than the one when the assignment is due will not count towards attendance for the previous week.

Students are strongly encouraged to log in more in order to understand the subject fully and to be successful in class.

Failure to receive full credit for attending an asynchronous course within the first week will result in students being automatically dropped from their course.